Kitchen Renovation Perth

To be or not to be; Hamlet, pondering:  is it better to be dead than alive? This is the great question we are presented with from the opening phrase of the soliloquy given by Prince Hamlet in the commonly named, “nunnery scene”, from William Shakespeare’s famous play.

Three critical themes arise from this scene, doubt and uncertainty, being one of them, plays a major role in many a decision turned.  Now, before you get yourself in a mortal coil, take heed, fixtures and fitting selections for your next Renovation doesn’t have to be a life-or-death scenario.

Take the drama out of your Fixtures and Fittings sections!

Complimentary themes and patterns exist because they work. Colours and patterns can often clash with themselves, and each other. It pays to get an ideas board together to thrash out your colour selections, current or new furnishings, floor coverings, benchtops and tiles. Once you have a small sample that represents each of these areas, you can get a better understanding for the whole feel of the space you’re about to create, which opens up the avenue to easier fixture selections.

Spending time with experienced people is often the best way to get the answer you’re looking for. Talk to the professionals, show them your ideas board and get some feedback from people in the know.

Matte Black Taps to the rescue.

Matte black tap fixtures are no fad. They’re a definite statement piece and compliment a neutral background with coolness and style. The aesthetic appeal oozes confidence, and its ability to enhance the look of many a kitchen is the reason its style is still popular.

There are of course downsides to many a great romance and a knight in shining armour they may not be. Matte black taps can fade over time, leaving a dull contrast to a once exciting combo. They are prone to highlighting dust and particles, and definitely object to being cleaned with chemicals.

All roads lead to chrome.

Timeless chrome fixtures are a staple of the renovation diet. Chrome is a solid choice; it doesn’t age badly and can be relatively easy to clean. Chrome is not an edgy choice, but it wasn’t made to be, unless you’re talking mag wheels on a Tesla. Chrome is a safe bet, and modern taps and fixtures have come a long way from back in the 19s.

Brass is back baby!

You better believe it, and with a bang. Brass and textures are making waves in 2022. Brass always had style, but matched with outdated cabinets, paint and flooring it can look old and tired. Picture this, smooth matte brass fixtures in an ultra-modern kitchen, the cohesion of paired timbers, stone and marble can’t help but exude confidence and style. Sit back and bask in the glow of contemporary sunshine.

Give me peace at a good price.

The moral of this tale is this; do your research.  Be savvy, ask lots of questions, take photos, and maybe check out a few different stores and suppliers for alternative solutions. It pays when spending your hard earned to put the work in for lasting returns.

FACT: Remember that unless your next fixtures and fittings are installed by a qualified professional, it may null and void the manufacturer’s warranty. It always pays to use a professional!

What will you do on your next Renovation?

Put yourself in the hands of the professionals, for peace of mind and protection where it counts. Contact Primerfacie Painting and Renovations for your next Reno, and you’ll get quality and experience where it matters most.