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Some lessons are learnt the hard way, and although DIY can be a very rewarding process if undertaken correctly, the chances of pulling off a big bathroom or kitchen renovation without experience can be quite low, end up costing lots of cash, possible legal issues, and your time could be wasted in blind pursuit of your dream space.

Renovations are a process, usually beautiful, sometimes stressful, occasionally disastrous, but ultimately satisfying and glorious in triumph of a job well done. Taking on such a big job without the knowledge and understanding of buildings, building codes, regulations, council laws and regulations and products themselves can be a big risk, resulting in unfinished work, fines for code breaches and may even result in injury or death.

When should you engage in professionals?

FACT: Did you know that some works may require a structural engineer, council plans, licenced professionals and even a registered builder?

Jobs that require electrical wiring and installation must be undertaken by a licenced electrician who will submit a compliance certificate to council once new works have been completed. At no point should you DIY electrical components of a renovation, as this could result in injury or death, and possibly null and void home insurance, especially in the event of damage or fire. It’s just not worth the risk!

Plumbing also requires professionals to undertake works during the renovation process. In Western Australia, it is illegal to undertake works on drainage, sanitary and water supply without a licence issued by the Plumbers Licencing Board.

Using licenced trades gives the consumer protection in the event of non-compliant works; it keeps people safe and gives peace of mind to the consumer that the job will be carried out correctly. This also benefits the licenced tradesperson by way of building a good reputation and increases industry and consumer confidence, helping the economy and keeping people employed.

Think you’ve got what it takes to smash out a full house or building repaint next weekend?

Just about anyone can slap a coat of paint on a wall, almost instant gratification ensues, the weeks pass and you’re sitting down with the family watching a movie when something catches the corner of your eye.. A bubble, in the paint, but wait, I just painted that 2 weeks ago, how could it be?

Professional painters spend many years perfecting their craft, some more competent than others. It takes experience to recognise that a wall is not always just a wall. Using a professional painter to undertake works to your property is always a smart move, especially if you’re unsure on how to tackle certain substrates. Coating systems are a requirement governed by the Australian Standards and administrated by the Master Painters Association and the Building Commission of Western Australia.

Did you know that using a Registered Painter gives you consumer protection in the event of non-compliant works?

Microns are a consumer’s best friend when it comes to painting, weather its 3 or 4 coats on a new door or 3 coating a dark colour on a wall to achieve neutral bliss, the coating system is governed by micron thickness and professional painters like Primerfacie will always make sure that the correct micron thickness is achieved, not only to satisfy the Australian Standards, but to give great impressions and lasting quality.

What will you do on your next Renovation?

Put yourself in the hands of the professionals, for peace of mind and protection where it counts. Contact Primerfacie Painting and Renovations for your next Reno, and you’ll get quality and experience where it matters most.